Millions upon millions of Baby Boomers are preparing to retire, but when
you take a close look at the numbers it quickly becomes clear that it is
mathematically impossible for us to keep the financial promises that we have
made. Why? Well, because there is no money. The U.S. government is supposed to
have 2.5 trillion dollars in the Social Security trust fund for all of these
retiring Baby Boomers, but they ‘borrowed” all of that money over the past 30
years to pay other bills.

Meanwhile, American workers have been contributing pitifully small amounts
to their own retirement funds. So where does all of that leave us? It leaves us
with a complete and total financial nightmare on our hands.
Over half of the working population has completely lost faith in the Social
Security system. Right now approximately half of all American workers have less
than $2000 saved for retirement. 
As the economy continues to collapse, the retirement crisis is going to get
even worse. Something is going to have to give. Things are going to become very
uncomfortable for large numbers of people. 

3.5 Million Americans retired in 2011 more will retire in 2012.
53% Are unable to make ends meet
73 % Are working past retirement age
41 % Are scaling back 

31 % Believe they will struggle financially
61 % of Americans “always or usually” live paycheck to paycheck. 

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